The Coronation of Ari and Sibilla
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Reservations & Fees

To pre-reserve for the event, please send your reservations to:

Reservation Steward:

HL Gwenhwfyr ber Cain

Jennifer Kanter
7515 B Pitch Pine Circle Tampa FL 33617

Co-Reservation Steward:

Lady Bronach of Kildare

Patricia Bauman

Fee Schedule

3 night adult $30.00
2 night adult $25.00
1 night adult $20.00
Daytrip adult $15.00
Nonmember surcharge: $8
Feast Saturday 125 seats:$10.00
Feast Sunday 65 seats: $10.00

Make all checks payable to "SCA Kingdom of Trimaris".
Children 12 and under shall not be charged site fees. If they attend and eat feast, they must pay the full feast fee.
No family shall pay more than the equivalent of three (3) adult site fees, granted all are immediate family members and all are paid SCA members.

Merchant Liaison

Condessa Carmenetta Roseia Diez de Rodriques
Ruthann Macheski
352.528.6605 (2:30pm - 8:00pm)

Camp Ocala Cabin Space

Baroness Katherine Angelique d'Artois du Berry, OL, OP
Kathy Palmer Place "cabin space" in the subject
813.334.7201 (until 10pm)