The Coronation of Ari and Sibilla
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Saturday Feast: 125 Seats Available

Feast Steward

Baroness Catherine Russell

Assorted pastries & fruit.

Assorted filled rolls, pasta salad, fruit


1st Course

Arabian lamb cakes and stuffed grape leaves with an onion salad and flat bread

2nd Course

Venison pie, Everyday pie (cheese), Garlic pie and Pumpkin/winter squash pie

3rd Course

Chicken & bacon served with strawberry sauce or garlic sauce with mushrooms and onion barley and a side of almond cake/bread

4th Course

Bacon wrapped dates and fried pork balls with sage, with skewered vegetables and grilled fruit

5th Course

Apple crumb cake with a white custard sauce with a selection of berries and candied seeds

Sunday Feast:  65 Seats Avalable

Feast Steward

Lady Elsinor de la Vache

Pancakes, sausage, fruit, various homemade breads and pastries


Chicken salad or tuna salad in pita pockets with fruit, hard boiled eggs, pasta salad and brownies.



Baked herbed cheese in pastry, fruit, olives and crackers

First Remove

Roast chicken with homemade spinach and cheese ravioli and saffron cream sauce, bread and butter

Second Remove

Beef Wellington and seasonal vegetables


Assorted dessert tray with homemade cream puffs and cookies