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9 AM
Class Name: Newcomer's Class
Instructor: HL James Highgate
PLace: List Field

11 AM 
How to Organize and Run Entertainment at Feast
Instructor: Mistress Eirene Agapeta
Place: Bard's End Pavilion

2 PM

Class name: Indian Costuming
Instructors: Mistress Madhavi of Jaisalmer and Lady Zafira bint Katz
place: Feast Hall

Class: Commedia dell'Arte Rehearsal (Italian Comedy)
Instructor: Beata Hunton
Place: Bard's End Pavilion

3 PM
Class Name: Sprang
Instructor: Lady Nichole Bourdonne
place: At Her Merchant Booth- Shining Glen Studios

Class Name: Viking Wire Weaving
Instructor: Lady Dagný Roobertsdóttir
Notes: The fee will be $2 per person to cover the cost of supplies.
Place: Feast Hall

Class: Court Heraldry and Projection
Instructor: (TBA)
Place Bard's End Pavilion

3:30 PM
Class Name: Using Paypal at Events
Instructor: Mistress Thalassia Hellenis
Place: Main Hall

4 PM
Class: Bardic for Beginners
Instructor: Lord Jean-Etienne du Norvost,
Place: Bard's End Pavilion