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Event Schedule

Event Schedule

Baronial Bash 2012




Feast: - Travelers fare - no evening feast

2:00pm        Site Opens for Merchants


4:00pm       Site Opens for Populace


9:00pm        Evening Court  (Time Subject to Change – Awaiting Approval by The Crown)


After Evening Court       Newcomer’s Class

                    Revelry and Song in Courtyard and Main Hall


12:00pm        Gate closes for the evening



          NOTE:   The Vigil for Gocauo Ramiric will begin immediately following Evening Court.





6:30am        Gate opens for Populace


7:30am        Wake-up and announcements


8:00-9:00am      Breakfast and coffee, Feast Hall


9:00am        Heavy Weapons Authorizations and Armor Inspection, Lyst Field

                    Merchant’s Row Opens


NOTE:  Between 9-9:30am, Morning Court will be opened for the Knighting of Gocauo Ramiric. 



10:00am       Champion of Wyvernwoode Heavy Weapons Tournament, Lyst Field              

Archery Field Opens for Target Practice

                   Wyvernwoode Baronial Museum Opens

§  Continental Knitting “Picking” Class

§  Mask Making Class – Part 1

§  Blacksmithing Classes begin

§  Children's Activity - Candle Making 



11:00am       Baronial Archery Tournament Begins

§  Period Poetry Class

§  Retaining 101 – The Care and Feeding of Royals and the Nobility

§  Children's Activity - Stick Weaving



12:00pm      Lunch served in the Feast Hall

                   Bridge Battle and Queen’s Yeoman Competition



1:00pm        Rapier Inspection Begins, Lyst Field

§  Wet Felting Class – Pouch

§  16th Century Shirt Making Class

§  Children's Activity - Mask Making



1:30             Field Battle (with Combat Archery)


2:00pm        Baronial Rapier Tournament, Lyst Field

Gate closes for event

§  Mask Making Class – Part 2

§  Medieval Ciphers Class

§  Children's Activity - Corded Baskets

2:30pm        Resurrection Battle


3:00pm        Pick-ups on Lyst Field

§  Armoring Class – at Lyst Field

§  Constable and Event Gate Training

§  Children's Activity - Kubbtastic Fun

And Corwyn mentioned coming over and singing to you all for a bit by popular request!  Details and times at the will of the Bard



4:00pm        CONCERT – Mistress Varina and Friends – Leonard Hall


Join us as we celebrate the songs and poetry from one of Trimaris’s original  Bards, performing favorites such as Celebrin, Vivat, the Dream, Sing the Moon Down, and other pieces from her vast catalogue of works.  This is not to be missed!



4:30pm        Court Business

Children’s free play on swings and playground


5:00pm        Wyvernwoode Baronial Museum Closes for Event


5:30pm         Court, Pavillion


7:30pm        Feast


9:30pm        Baronial Bash!  Green, White, and Gold Masked Ball

                   Dancing led by Countess Eridani


11:30pm       Midnight Meat!





8:00am        Wake-up call and announcements

                    Leftovers and Coffee, Feast Hall


9:00am        Site pack-up and clean-up begins


11:00am       Populace still onsite will be put to work, so Thanks for Staying!