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Demo Participation Guidelines

Thanks for your interest in helping with the Bay Area Ren Fest demo for 2015. Here are some important things to keep in mind:

Attendance and fees:
This is an SCA demonstration taking place at a 7 weekend long Renaissance Festival. We will be demonstrating blacksmithing, cooking, chivalric combat, rapier combat, and various other arts and sciences. Volunteers working at least a half day shift will be provided with free entry to the Festival. No member of the SCA will be admitted free of charge to the Bay Area Renaissance Festival unless they are signed up to participate in the demonstration. You can register to volunteer at this demonstration at the demo website.

The festival is located at 11315 North 46th Street, Tampa, FL 33617. Parking is free. Admission to the festival, for SCA volunteers is complimentary but volunteers must work either a full or half day shift to receive complimentary admission.

Cars on site:
Cars can be brought on site for loading and unloading only before the hours of 9:00 am and after 6:30 pm. Cars are NOT permitted on site between the hours of 9:00 am and 6:30 pm as per the rules of the Festival. The walk from the parking lot to our demo area can be quite far. If you are arriving between 9 and 6 and have heavy items to bring into the Festival, please consider arranging help in advance or bringing a wagon to move your items.

What to bring:
  • Gallon of water to share. Bring this water to the 'Green Room' in our backstage area. We keep iced water in a cooler for all to use and the autocrats and shift managers will make sure water is available.
  • Lunch and snacks for yourself or money to purchase them. We will have cooking demonstrations on site but cannot guarantee that we can feed everyone or that the food will be acceptable for those with allergies and dietary restrictions.
  • Heraldry. If you have any snazzy banners, please bring them with you for display.
  • Firewood. Our live cooking demonstration is always in need of firewood. If you have a few pieces you can share, we would be grateful. 
  • No Smoking: No smoking or 'vaping' is allowed within our demonstration area. Smoking is only permissible back stage. Smokers are asked to be considerate of non-smokers also using this area.
  • No Intoxication: Alcohol is served by the Festival and may be consumed on festival grounds by those over 21. Volunteers may purchase their own alcohol but any volunteer who appears to be intoxicated will be asked to leave our demonstration area. 
  • Appropriate Conversation:  Religion and politics are hot-button topics so stick to medieval topics that are not easy to upset guests. Sex, drinking and general debauchery are never acceptable topics for discussion at a demo or with a newcomer. Even conversations between volunteer demo staff can be overheard by visitors, so be considerate of what you say and where you say it.
  • Clothing Standards: All volunteers are asked to dress in a way which provides proper body coverage and best represents the ideals of the SCA. Please do not wear clothing that is torn or stained unless you are participating in a messy craft like dying or blacksmithing. Any volunteer dressed inappropriately for the demonstration will be asked to change their garb. If you aren't sure about a garment, you probably should give it a pass. The Festival is very dusty and dirty so be cautious of light colored fabrics or anything with a trailing hem line. 
Check in: 
  • Morning volunteers may enter through either gate or with their vehicle before 8:45 am. 
  • If challenged by Festival staff, politely let them know you are with the SCA demonstration. If they ask you to use a different entrance, be polite, comply and let the autocrat know about any issues when you arrive at the demo.
  • You MUST be signed up for the demonstration to receive complimentary admission.