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Event Schedule – Tentative and subject to change


Friday, October 27th



Site opens for Merchants



Site opens for populace

Merchants Row Opens


5pm – 10pm

Class space available – Contact the Autocrats if you would like to teach



Traveler’s Fare served - Kitchen Hall



I LIKE TO SING… Bardic and SCAdian Performance 101 – Baron Corwyn Moray – Leonard Hall

Ok, so you’ve found your feet, overcome the awkward, or insecure voices in your head telling you not to, and decided you‘re ready to perform at an event. Excellent! Now what? Believe it or not; that’s the only hard part. The rest is easy. It just takes some forethought.  In this class you’ll learn what tool to pull out of your performance toolbox for any occasion you might find yourself in. You’ll learn when and how to claim your five minutes of fame on the various stages our Society has to offer, and how to effortlessly encourage others to find their own voices to join in the fun.  This all sounds frightfully complicated, but by the end of this class, you’ll be navigating the performance landscape like a pro.





Curfew Minors 12 & under must be in camp with a responsible adult or caregiver.



Gate Closes



Curfew Minors 13-17 must be in camp with a responsible adult or caregiver.



Saturday, October 28th



Gate opens for Populace



Wake-up and announcements



Breakfast and coffee, Feast Hall



Final court of Baron Gõcauo Ramiriç and Baroness Sibéal inghean Mhurchadha




Archery Field Opens for Target Practice

Baronial Art/Sci – Set-up and entry begins

Heavy Weapons Armor Inspection, Lyst Field      




Heavy Weapons - Baronial Champion Tournament Begins – Lyst Field




Voting begins for all Art/Sci entries - Leonard Hall

Trimarian Tapestry Project - Free Work Area until 5pm– Leonard Hall


Basics of SCA Event Photography – Lord Thomas the Opressed – Kitchen Hall

This class is designed for beginner to intermediate photographers in the SCA. Whether you use a professional DSLR or a simple point-and-shoot camera you too can take awesome photos at SCA events! We'll be covering multiple topics from composition to shooting to editing and uploading your photos to social media. Photographers of all skill levels are welcome! Everyone should bring their camera. The class will start in the classroom and if we have time we'll do a walk around and explore situations where some creative composition can make for excellent photos!


Newcomers Class – Baron James Highgate – Leonard Hall

New to the SCA? Taken a break for a while and rejoining us? Take this class as a way to better understand how the SCA on a corporate level works. Also learn about the operations of the “game” aspect and what all of the shiny things are on people’s heads are, as well as some general guidelines in regards to courtesies and apparel.



Inspection begins for Youth Combat




Fundraiser Lunch to Benefit the Youth fighters of Wyvernwoode

Youth Combat Champions Tournament – Lyst Field (All youth combatants will receive lunch)

Class spot 3

Class spot 4



Baronial Archery Champion Tournament Begins – Archery Range


Reservations 101 in the Modern Age – Mistress Thalassia Hellenis – Kitchen Hall

There have been so many changes to the reservations process (i.e PayPal, computers and NCR forms).  Training is vitally important to do things correctly and know the steps to make this easier for you and your team of people. If you have been interested in knowing how to be a reservation steward, please come join us.


Iron Bard Competition – m’lord Marcus MacAndrew – Leonard Hall

Come Test your wit and bardic prowess in this new format sure to entertain all in attendance. Any populace wishing to attend in a viewing capacity should arrive around 1:30


Learn the basics of European armour! – Lady Anakhet al-Badawiyya – Kitchen Hall

Bring a basic set of pliers and $5 for a bag of links and learn how to make both 4n1 and 6n1 sheets. I'll also show the basics of how maille was riveted for more practical pieces



Inspection Begins for the Sir Gaheris Vitruvious Grachhus Memorial Tourney – Lyst Field




Sir Gaheris Vitruvious Grachhus Memorial Tourney – Lyst Field

PayPal – Mistress Eva inghean Alaxandair – Kitchen Hall

If you'd like to take reservations online or have credit cards at the door of your event, you must take this class. Trimaris has been very successful with the newest way of getting reservations. Update your existing knowledge or start anew. Everyone is welcome.


Double Faced Tablet Weaving – How to Warp the Loom for Tablet weaving and start your first weave. Lord Seamus Mac Airt - Leonard Hall

Get started warping your loom for double-face tablet weaving. Bring a tablet or good sized inkle loom, tablets, two colors of thread and shuttle (contact Seamus at bentu578@gmail.com with questions about supplies BEFORE the class). Some tablet weaving experience helpful but not required. After everyone is warped up, we will begin the next part. How to plan a double face pattern, followed by hands-on weaving. Example patterns available. Class spots 8


“They are coming to take me away... or not?”- What does the constable really do? – Miyamoto Toramasu-san – Kitchen Hall

In this class we will go over what the constables really do at events and how they work to help keep everyone safe. Spoiler alert: We are not the SCA’s S.W.A.T. team LOL. This class is intended for anyone who always wanted to know what the constables do or might have interest in doing a shift as a constable at an event. We will cover radio etiquette, lost and found, parking, gate, and other areas we help the autocrats with. We will also cover accident and incident response, and dealing with privacy concerns. There will also be an open discussion of how we can do a better job and ideas you think might help clear up myths about the constable’s office.



Gate closes for event




Rapier Inspection Begins




Baronial Rapier Champion Tournament – Lyst Field


Block Printing – Mistress Sibeal inghean Mhurchadha – Leonard Hall

Due to the interest shown in Block Printing, I have offered to teach my class on it at Baronial Bash (gotta do something once the kids take over! 😉). This is a hands on class. I will provide the materials to carve a small block, and you will be able to stamp a piece of fabric, oh about cloth napkin sized. The block you carve and napkin, are yours to keep. Donations are welcomed, but there is no class fee. Class is limited to 10. If you just want to come see, that's fine too.



Pumpkin and Gourd Painting – Honourable Lady Mira De Medici, and Drottinn Lundvarr Dufgalsson.

Come join us and create decorations to welcome our new Baron and Baroness home from their long journey, or to ward of any of those that might come to spoil their festivities.




Heavy Combat War Practice – Melee Field



Court Cards due



Court Business









Wyvernwoode Abbey Pub Opens for the Spirits of our Ancestors Party - Leonard Hall



Curfew Minors 12 & under must be in camp with a responsible adult or caregiver



Gate Closes



Curfew Minors 13-17 must be in camp with a responsible adult or caregiver




Sunday, October 29th



Wake-up call and announcements

Leftovers and Coffee, Feast Hall



Site pack-up and clean-up begins



Populace still onsite will be put to work, so Thanks for Staying!