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Sir Gaheris Vitruvious Grachhus Memorial Tourney:

Armored combatants, be ye belted, unbelted, master, or knight come forth and fight in honor of one of our fallen knights. In honor of Sir Gaheris Vitruvious Grachhus a special tournament will be held to test both skill at arms and endurance of the combatants. You will be asked to take up both sword and a buckler (which will be provided) and face one another in the pit. You are challenged to take and hold the pit as long as you can against all other challengers. Once you can no longer hold the pit you will return to the line and await your next opportunity.  However, if you step out of line then you have withdrawn from the tournament as this is also a trial of endurance. For a period of not less than 30 minutes this tournament will continue until a victor can be determined. So come forth and show honor to the memory of one of the kingdom’s beloved knights.

Tournament rules:

Sword and buckler (one will be provided if you do not own one)

30 min bear-pit

Most wins, wins the tournament

Step out of line and you are no longer allowed to compete in the tournament but your wins to that point still count.



Youth Tournament:

Come forth and pray heed,

The youth of trimaris are called forth into a battle of skill at arms. The rules for this challenge are a battle to the pain. In this unique challenge no shots to the body or the head will count as a kill. Only blows to the arms and legs will count. The goal is to dismember your opponent by either taking both or their arms or an arm and a leg in order to claim victory. The most skilled combatant of the day will be called forth into court and receive the people's acclaim for their skill and prowess in battle.


Youth Tournament rules:

No head shots or body shots will count as killing blows.

Only blows to the arms or legs will count for this tournament

To win you must either get both of your opponent's arms or one arm and one leg.

Wounds are not retained between fights.




Rapier Champion Tournament:

Gather around ye masters and mistresses of blades and stand for your opportunity to accept a challenge of skill at arms. For on this day a special challenge has been issued to all who would bring swords, shields, cloaks, and more to this fight.


Could it be that this tournament is one of style versus style? Indeed it is but with a twist. You may bring forth your best style for as long as you may win with it. However when defeated you must change your style to another and use that until you are defeated and continue in this fashion until you are eliminated. The eliminations are tiered however to give all equal footing based on their skill. Non scarfed  shall be given 5 eliminations, therefore proving them multiple opportunities to use all 5 styles, White scarves and knights are to be given 3 eliminations, and the Masters of Defence a scant 2 eliminations based on their demonstrated skill at arms. 


In addition, if you are wounded in the leg you may rise up upon them but you may not walk on the injured limb. Should you and your adversary achieve a simultaneous kill both will count as having won the bout and continue in the competition without elimination. If needed, the Baroness my call upon the awesome by-fighter. These fights are destructive and a loss will count as an elimination.


At last, when the day has grown long, the remaining 2 or 3 participants will face one another in a battle of 5 forms. With each form changing every round.  


Tournament rules:

Style tournament

Bring your best style and use it until you lose in that style and then you must switch styles

Eliminations are as follows non-scarved, cadets, and scholars will be given 5 eliminations

Knights and White Scarves will be given 3 eliminations

Masters of Defense will be given 2 eliminations


Knee rises are permitted, knee walking is not.

By fights are destructive and the by fighter will be chosen by the baroness


Final round will be best of 5 styles with the style changing each round.




Heavy Champion Tournament:

Come on and all with sword and shield and prove your prowess with same. For on this day will be a challenge to test your metal and skill at arms. On this day you will face your opponents in a double elimination counted blows tournament. The number of the winning blows is three, not less, not more but shall be three. You must not pause between the blows delivered or taken but rather continue to fight until the victor has stuck all three of the needed blows to win. As this is a double elimination you need not fear your first loss but rather fight on with grim determination that you may still yet be victorious this day. The victor how takes the day will be awarded the populaces acclaim, a scroll proclaiming your deed, and a special gift from his grace Baldar as well. So fight well and do good honor to each of your opponents and may the best contestant triumph.  


Tournament rules:

Counted blows tournament

3 blows wins the bout no stopping between blows

Double elimination 

No wounds retained between fights