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Baronial Bash 2017

Baronial Bash 2017

The Barony of Wyvernwoode would like to invite you to their 45th Anniversary as well as the Investiture of the rising Nobility of our lands. Beyond these aforementioned happenings, be prepared for a day of fighting, feasting, and fun at Baronial Bash 2017. Activities to be included: Investiture of Honourable Lord Torquil Stromekson and Mistress Étaín Echluath as the new Baron and Baroness of our great lands as well as the rising of new Baronial Champions in Archery as well as in Rapier, Chivalric, and Youth Combat, an Arts and Sciences display of the Baronial Crafters, as well anything crafted that’s inspired by Wyvernwoode, Iron Bard Competition, Classes, Feast, and a “Spirits of Our Ancestors” night at the Wyvern’s Abbot Pub.

This engagement to be held at

Brandon Rotary Camp

1915 Camp Florida Rd.

Brandon, FL 33510

From October 27th through the 29th

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