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2014 Wyvernwoode Champion’s – Armored Lyst


Good Day all participants! The format has been chosen by Jarl Ari and will be as follows:




Each round the participants will challenge in by reverse Order of Precedent, single fight, person bested gets a mark.

Once you have two marks, you are out of the tournament.


Any legal tourney weapons.

No Destructive by-fights.


The Victor will also be fighting for Their Excellencies at the Baronial Bragging Rights Competition!


Requirements for Entrants:  Must be an authorized fighter and not currently a Champion for any other group.


Good Luck to all! – their Excellences’ Wyvernwoode

 2014 Baronial Champion Rapier Tournament hosted by Don Matthias von Greifsburg


Battle of Iconium/Konya – 5/18/1190

The Crusading Forces of Frederick Barbarossa, Holy Roman Emperor attacked the city of Konya, Capital of the Sultanate of Rum and fought against Qutb al-Din’s army. In a pitched battle, the Crusaders were able to drive off the Seljuk army, continuing towards the Holy lands. Konya was retaken by the Rum Dynasty in 1205, led by Kaykhusraw I.

Premise: Before battle, the Seljuks and Crusaders agree to a duel between their greatest warriors as a show of prowess. The participants will be split into two groups (Seljuks and Crusaders). Each group will choose their own champion. The champion can be chosen in any manner decided by the group. (Examples include through a round robin format, double elimination, etc.) Once both sides have chosen, the two champions will face off in a manner decided by the Baroness.