Baronal Bash 2021: The Chivalric House Cup Tournament


[[For event choose: Baronial Bash 11/27/2021]]

*****Paypal payment will NOT be available onsite. Cash and checks only!****

Registration closes November 17th

Price: Adult Daytrip = $15 ($5 member discount), 17/under = free

(No family will be charged more than the equivalent of 3 adult registration fees. Family is defined as adults and their minor children.)

Pre-registering gives our Hat enough time to sort you and gives you enough time to make sure you are ready to represent your House. Sorting will be randomized, so if you wish to be in the same House as someone else, please register TOGETHER. Your House assignments will appear ON YOUR INVOICE.

~A few things about this event~

Please bring a picnic lunch. For convenience, a food truck will be present from 10am - 2pm, we will provide more information later. Also, bring blankets, chairs, and day shades are welcome.

There will be tournaments for:

- Heavy Baronial Champion Tournament

- Bridesmaid Tourney (Heavy fighters that have never won a tournament)

- Youth Tournament

- Baronial Archery Champion Tournament

We will also have:

- Heavy Melees with Combat Archery

- Archery range

- Games and activities Everyone can participate in

ALSO, We will be on the lookout for the one showing the most House spirit through heraldic displays around the field and how they themselves are adorned. This is why pre-registering is important.

We will announce the FOUR HOUSES later.

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