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Scribe Wars Challenge

Event Theme: Speed Scrolls

Do you remember a time where you had to complete six scrolls in a night for the event next day? Or had to do some last minute calligraphy 10 minutes before court for a surprise award? This challenge is for you.

It’s also a challenge of creativity and technical learning. Scribal technical terms were included and can be referenced at the British Museum's Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts (glossary):


(Yes, you will finally discover what that vine thingy you’ve been using in all your scrolls is called!)

Scribes, Draftsgentles, and illuminators may form a group of 1-3 people to complete a scroll for Kingdom stores based on randomly chosen requirements. All Scribe Wars entries must follow the basic guidelines for scrolls per the Trimaris College of Scribes Handbook.

In addition, the scroll must be no smaller than 4x6 inches and must be completed in no more than 4 hours, the times to be determined by the Scribe Wars on-site coordinator.

The scrolls will be assigned by random drawing which include the type of scroll and elements the scroll MUST include. Styles listed are preferred and not mandatory, and were suggested to coincide with one of the design elements included in the “Must Have” list.

Borders, when considered a mandatory element, are at least one sided.

As stated previously, technical terms refer to definitions per the British Museums Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts (glossary):https://www.bl.uk/catalog…/illuminatedmanuscripts/GlossA.asp
Scrolls will be judged by fellow scribes and Their Royal Majesties will select the winners, who will be announced at Court. Prizes will be awarded.

Have fun! More Scribe Wars categories coming at future events!