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Crown Tournament

A missive from Their Most Royal Majesties Joshua du Charmont and Zephyrine de le Maige, King and Queen of Trimaris, 
Unto Their Most Beloved Subjects do Joshua du Charmont and Zephyrine de le Maige, King and Queen of Trimaris, Share Their Words and Desires. 

No Crown lives forever, and it is Our will to ensure that, no matter what Cruel Fate may bring, the line of succession of the Triune Throne shall be guaranteed! Therefore, and by Our Will, a Great Crown Lyst, will be held on the 21st of May, to determine Our heirs. 

That Our prospective Heirs may be of the most noble and valiant, true Royal Blood, all those who would treat to succeed Us as Crown, must meet the following requirements, as well as meet all the requirements listed in Kingdom Law. 

Here is Our Will: 

  1. Both Champion and Consort will hold at least an Award of Arms. 
  2. Both Champion and Consort must be acceptable to the Crown. 
  3. Both Champion and Consort will have attended at least 4 events in the last year. Gulf Wars counts as 2 events for this purpose. 
  4. Each Pair shall present a feather to the Queen, at the Lyst. 
  5. In regard to the weapons styles that will be used, it is the specific Will of His Majesty, that each Champion shall "bring their best!" 

Additionally, it is Our Will that the Consorts remain by their Champions' sides during the entire Lyst, and as such, no gifts shall be exchanged during the course of the Lyst; for truly, in that one moment when it may be most needed, the Champions' inspiration may be fleeting. Any Consorts wishing to exchange gifts are invited to do so at the conclusion of the Lyst. 

All Letters of Intent must be in Our hands by Saturday, May 7, 2016

Additionally, We shall publish a complete list of all accepted Champions and Consorts on Saturday, May 14, 2016

Oh, Great and Unbowed Trimaris, We await with great joy to see who among such a noble and courageous Populace shall be Our Heirs, and hold Trimaris safe and in love, for the future greatness of Our Realm. 

So say We, with One Voice and One Heart. 

Joshua Zephryine