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Art/Sci Expo

One new feature at TMT will be the first Arts and Sciences Expo in Trimaris! 

This is not an Arts and Sciences Faire. Documentation is not required. You will not receive a 'score'. Your piece will not be judged. You will receive commentary, but only if you are willing to. 

How does the A&S Expo work? 

Bring something SCA related and cool that you have made and put it on display. Fill out a 3x5 card explaining what the item is and what inspired you. If you would like, you can also add your name. Just bring your item, put it on the table, put down your 3x5 card and show the rest of the Kingdom all the cool stuff being made by our populace. We will have tables, table cloths, 3x5 cards and pens. Just bring yourself and your art and be ready to show off.


If you are interested in receiving commentary on your work, we'll put a note on your card and leave a pouch next to your item where comment cards can be slipped in for you to read later. 

Why are we doing this? 

Because the Arts and Sciences are well and alive in Trimaris, but not everyone feels ready or comfortable entering an Arts and Sciences Faire. However, we still want to give people a way to show off what they are making and maybe meet some other people who are into the same arts. 

Tokens and Largess

We highly encourage all members of the populace to bring their SCA calling cards and small items of largess or tokens to leave for the items that most inspire them.

A Little Bit of Fun: Medieval Science Fair Poster Display

There will be a special display area for medieval "science fair style" posters. Imagine if your middle or high school science fair experience had happened in the middle ages? What sort of tri-fold project board would you have presented? Would your science fair entry have talked about leeches as medicine? The flatness of the earth? A geocentric model of the universe? Swallows rising out of the ocean each spring? Take a medieval science fact and display it like a science fair project. Be silly and have fun! Some prizes will be awarded in this category: Best Presentation. Best Scientific Poster. Most Humorous.

More details coming soon!