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Squire's Revolt 2010 Schedule

Entrance to Site is on 54th Street;  you will be able to drive your pavilions and gear right onto the field area, then return to parking.  "Blanket Merchants" and Medieval Tailgate Sales are Most Welcome!!!  Please Keep Hydrated!!!
8 am
Site/Gate/Reservations Open
8:30 am - 9:30 am
Breakfast is available for those who have Feast Tokens
(coffee, teas, bagels, cream cheeses, bananas)

9 am
Armor Inspection

10 am
First Court;  to be followed by the Vigil of Don Giovanni

11 am
Rapier Armor Inspection and Prize Tourney
Openning Gambit:  Unbelted Lyste Prize Tourney
Class:  Beginning Blackwork, taught by Mistress Varjna

12 noon
Knights' Defense, aka Knights against the World Bear Pit
 Lunch is available for those who have feast tokens
(Monster Meat Sandwiches; Raw Veggies; Pickles)

1:30 pm
Castle Keep Melees
Chain-Maille Class ($5 materials fee, you get to keep the pliers & 100 rings)

4 pm
Court Cards due

4:30 pm
Court Business

5:30 pm

7 pm
 Feast!  (Much Meat in Many Forms!  Potatoes!  Bread!  Foliage! Belted Beans!)

9 pm
Clean-up Commences;  All Assistance Greatly Appreciated!!!