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Merchant Info

NEW: Merchant Agreement click to download

The Schedule of Events for Merchants is:

Friday, March 30, 2018:
3:00 p.m. - Merchants can arrive on site
(Be aware that site registration does not open until 4:00 pm)
5:00 p.m. – 10:00 pm  - Merchants may be open for business

Saturday, March 31, 2018:
7:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. - Merchants can be Open

Sunday, April 1, 2018:
11:00 a.m.- Merchants must be off site

Merchant FAQ
Specific to Merchants

Please note: It is the responsibility of the merchant to comply with any State, Local, and/or Federal requirements for
the nature of their business. The Kingdom of Trimaris and the site owner assume no responsibility for individual

merchant non-compliance and the consequences incurred from such.
Each merchant is ultimately responsible for the security of their own booth/tent.
As of this event there will not be a $10.00 Merchant fee!

Read this document all of the way through! Rules and regulations have been changed!
You must sign a Merchant Agreement Form (refer to the last page of this document)

General Questions

 What is the date of the event?
o The event will be held on Friday through Sunday, March 30, 2018 -April 1, 2018. The event officially
ends Sunday morning. Merchants must be off site by 11:00 a.m.

 What hours can the merchants be open to the public?
o Merchants can be open from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. on Friday night of the event.
o Merchants can be open from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. on Saturday of the event
 Where is the event being held?
o The event is being held at: Camp La Llanada- 2819 Tiger Lake Road, Lake Wales, FL. 33898
 Do I have to be a paid member of the SCA, Inc. to merchant?


o No, neither the Primary Merchant, nor anyone on the Merchant's staff needs to be a paid SCA member to
be accepted as a Merchant.

 I want to be a Merchant. Do I have to wear a costume?
o Yes. The SCA is a participatory organization and all attendees are required to wear an attempt at pre-
seventeenth century costume. We won't throw anyone out if their attempt is less than 100% accurate, but
we do insist that everyone make an attempt. The only people at the event not wearing appropriate garb
will be employees of the site and local police and/or fire officials (who hopefully will not be needed!).
You don’t need to wear garb while you are setting up, but we do expect everyone to be in costume once
your booth opens to the general populace.

Questions and Communications

 Who do I contact for questions?
o ALL questions regarding Merchants or merchanting should be sent to Syr Bryetor at
devonshire50@bellsouth.net or (352-494- 7888 until 9:00 p.m.)
o No application is necessary this event however-
o You will need to sign the Merchant Agreement!

 What should I expect when I get to the site?

o When you arrive on site you will need to check into Registration as soon as possible! Then find Syr
Bryetor to show the event fee has been paid and to hand him the signed Merchant Agreement. If you
have not downloaded the Merchant Agreement Syr Bryetor will supply one to you.
o Once these two items have been completed then you will get your space assignment.


 What is a space? And how big is it?
o A space is the ground area set aside for each merchant’s sales tent. It can be as big, or as small, as you
need it to be (within reason).
 Can I get electricity in my space?
o Yes, but only if you are providing a service that requires it (for example, a food vendor). There may be
an additional charge for electricity if required by the site owners. Electrical access must be set up in
advance (by emailing Syr Bryetor at devonshire50@bellsouth.net )and you will be required to provide
justification for your request. If you are approved for electricity it will ONLY be used for the approved
usage. i.e.. ice grinder, mixer, hot plate warmer, etc. and nothing else. Violators of this rule will be
asked to leave the site without refund.

 Can I sleep in my space?
o No, but there is space near the Merchant area that has (first come, first grabbed) space for your personal
tents. In order to keep as many event activities (tournaments, merchants, classes, etc.) as possible
located in the central event area, we must limit the space taken up by non-merchant tents.

 Camp fires need to have prior approval from an event staff person. You *MUST* have water buckets and/or
fire extinguishers available within 8 feet at all times when a fire is lit. Do not leave fires unattended at any
 What are my responsibilities?
o Merchants are ultimately responsible for the security of their booth/tent.
o It is the responsibility of the merchant to comply with any State, Local, and/or Federal requirements for
the nature of their business. The Kingdom of Trimaris and the site owner assume no responsibility for
individual merchant non-compliance and the consequences incurred from such.
o Each Merchant must leave their space(s) in the same condition as they found them. Any trash they
generate should be deposited in an appropriate receptacle; large items such as boxes and displays must


be removed. Food vendors are responsible for keeping their areas clean, providing their own trash cans,
and regularly removing the trash and depositing the bags in the site dumpster.

 What restrictions are there on displays?
o Merchant displays should make an effort to look plausible medieval-ish. Period tents are not required,
but tables should be covered and an effort should be made to keep your display area looking nice. Each
Merchant's display may not extend outside their space(s) in such a way that either intrudes upon their
neighbor's space(s), or into the walkways. There are no formal restrictions on height, as long as the
display is stable and does not appear to present a danger of falling over on a Merchant's neighbors or
o As always, courtesy is the best guideline. If your display inconveniences others, it's probably best not to
use it.

The Merchant Application Process

 How do I apply?
o If you cannot print out the Merchant Agreement, have a friend print it out for you or after you
register on site one will be available to you from Syr Bryetor. Most libraries will also do this for

 (There is no merchant fee this event or application to fill out!)
 When can I apply?
o There is no pre-application needed.
o Merchant Space Assignments will be assigned to you by Syr Bryetor after you have checked in at
Registration at the site, shown your copy of registration that shows you have paid the site fee and
handed Syr Bryetor a signed Merchant Agreement.

 What if I have a "special request"?
o Contact Syr Bryetor by email with any special requests prior to the event. For example, if you need to
be near a handicapped accessible bathroom, put that down; or if you want to be near another merchant,
put that down.
o The earlier a Merchant requests something, the more likely he will be able to accommodate the request.
 When will I know what specific space I have been given?
o After checking in at registration it is your responsibility to contact Syr Bryetor and show your paid
site fee and hand him the signed Merchant Agreement then he will assign you a space.
 If you want your Business listed on the Coronation FB page and possibly in the event flyer from the
Kingdom Calendar link, please send your Business Name via email to me. I will see if this info can be added
to these sites. (this is experimental at this time)

Fees, Costs and Payments

 What does a space cost?
o There is no Merchant fee for this event.
 Do I have to pay the site admission fee for myself and my workers if they're not going to do anything at the event
but be behind my table?
o Yes. Everyone attending the event must pay a site fee, including all Merchants and their staff.
o For an entire list of fees and site information and PayPal link please go to:

Event and Feast Reservations – See the above link
Adult 1 Daytrip - $25
Adult 1 Night -- - $30
Adult 2 Nights -- $35
Membership Discount - $5
Children 12 years & under are Free (Event fees only.)
Please make any checks payable to: SCA Inc.- Kingdom of Trimaris
PayPal will be available on site.

 What should I expect at check-in?
o Every member of a Merchant's staff will need to visit the Registration Desk. They will need to either
check in and receive their receipts and site token if they have pre-registered for the event or pay their
site fees if they have not pre-registered. They will be asked to either show a BLUE SCA membership
card, which indicates that you already have a signed waiver on file or sign the standard SCA site
waiver which is required of everyone on site. If you cannot produce a membership card, or only have a
white card, you will be required to sign a waiver or you will not be admitted to the event. There might
also be a separate waiver notifying you that there will be horses on site. This special waiver must be
signed by everyone on site, even if you have a blue SCA membership card. You and any one with you
must show Syr Bryetor your copy of the site registration that shows that you paid the site fees.

 What kind of merchandise is appropriate at the event?
o This is an important question, which we ask each prospective Merchant to consider carefully. The
SCA is an organization dedicated to the recreation of pre-16th century Europe and its neighbors.
Therefore, we ask that your merchandise be appropriate to our organization. Goods should be aimed
at medieval recreators/reenactors and can include raw materials and craft supplies, or finished items,
such as garb, accessories, jewelry, trim, fabric, feast gear, pottery, games, beads, calligraphy &
illumination supplies, candles, leather and leather goods, armor, books, toys, etc. Services could
include food, henna painting, hair braiding, etc. If you aren’t sure if your goods or services are
appropriate, please ask Syr Bryetor or an Autocrat. We’ll be happy to advise you.
o There is a section on the Merchant Registration Form where you will be asked to describe your goods
and/or services. Please let us know the main items you will be offering.

 Can I share my space with another merchant?
o If you wish to share your space, you may absolutely do so.
 Are there things I may not sell?
o We require that your merchandise be appropriate to an SCA event.
o You may not sell gasoline, kerosene, acetylene, propane, or other flammable or explosive substances.
o If you will be selling weapons, real or costume, you are responsible for compliance with all local,
state and federal ordinances. In addition to those, we require that you not sell any weapon to a minor
unless their parent or guardian authorizes the purchase in person.

 Can I demonstrate incense, candles, or similar items?
o Due to the presence of small children and the likelihood of tables being bumped or items knocked
over, we request that you do not use live flame to demonstrate candles, incense, or similar items. In
addition, we request that you exercise courtesy in the demonstration of any product that may affect
your neighbors. You may play music at a reasonable volume, unless your neighbors request that you
not do so.
o If you are selling scented products whose use does not involve fire, please keep them covered except
for offering potential customers brief samples. There are many people who are extremely sensitive to
 Can I sell food?
o Yes. We are looking forward to having food vendors at events again!


 Loading, Unloading, Parking, and Setup

 When can I set up?

o We will be opening Merchant arrivals at 3:00 p.m. on site Friday afternoon, March 30, 2018.
Upon arrival see Syr Bryetor somewhere around Lodge 1 or at Registration so he can assign you to
your spot. Be sure to check in as soon as possible when Registration opens at 4:00 pm.

 I don't want to set up until Saturday morning. Is that okay?

o Yes, but we would like you to be open for customers by 9:00 am.

 Where can I park?

o Merchant parking will be in the main parking area. You can park your vehicle near your merchant
space while you unload and set up, but all vehicles must be parked in the Main Parking lot during the
event. If you need to make a run into town for supplies, you may park temporarily near your sales
tent to drop off your supplies but may not block the road. Your vehicle must be moved back to the
Main lot as soon as you are done unloading.
o Only Day Trip Handicap vehicles with a current and valid state-issued handicapped license or hang
tag will be allowed to remain in the designated day trip handicapped parking area behind Lodge 1-5
(hopefully) during the event. If you are a weekend handicapped Merchant and need to park in that
parking lot you need to get prior permission from the Merchant Coordinator.

 When do I have to be packed up and out of the site?

o Merchants need to be packed up and off site by 11:00 am on Sunday, November 12, 2017.
 Will there be equipment like hand trucks and dollies provided by the site to help with loading or unloading?

o No. You must bring your own equipment since the site does not provide any.

 Will there be anyone available to help me load or unload my merchandise?

o No. It is up to each Merchant to arrange for sufficient people to handle setting up and tearing down
their space and selling their merchandise. Also, please note that we expect each Merchant to move

their vehicle(s) as soon as possible