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Arts and Sciences

Arts and Sciences Expo: Accessories!

Drop-in Hands On Stations:
Available most of the day at your leisure! Expo hours are from 11-4. Drop in stations may be subject to instructor availability.

Trapezoidal Pouch - Mistress Alexis MacAllister
Learn to make a trapezoidal belt pouch for your goodies - common to several eras. 
*Suitable for older children capable of hand sewing

Bottle-Cap Pin Cushions - Mistress Alexis MacAllister 
Need a place to keep your pins and needles while making your accessories? Learn to make a bottle cap pin cushion
*Suitable for older children capable of hand sewing

Fibula Pins - Lady Adelina de Bretigny
Decorative and useful, the ubiquitous roman and medieval fibula pin
*Suitable for most children, some adult assistance may be required.

Transferring embroidery patterns to accessories your accessories - HL Eithne ingen Muirgen 
How to get your embroidery patterns on all your clothes, accessories, and other goodies.

Moneying - Sir Gõcauo Ramiriç 
stop by for some hands on practice and observation in the art of moneying and coin making. 

Lucet Cord Making - Mistress Jutte Haberlain 
Your things need strings and cord! This is the medieval way to make cord quickly and easily. 

Blackwork - accessorizing your garb - Mistress Giuliana del Chiaro
Not all accessories are separate - learn to accessorize your garb through stitching. (Station dependent on instructor's availability)

Hemmed Handkerchiefs - Mistress Milesenda de Bourges
Learn an easy and elegant hem stitch for handkerchiefs, a much needed accessory for heat, court, or as embellishment.
*Suitable for older children and teens. Simplified pattern available.

Beaded veils and crispenettes - Mistress Maol Mide ingen Medra 
Learn what they are, how to wear them, and how to make them to up your head-gear game.

Tablet weaving trim - Mistress Alysoun Jeaunterre
Make your own accessories by learning the art of tablet weaving for your garb!

Scheduled Classes
Set class times for specific lessons, all held in the main hall.

Token Making - Angyell of the Ruins - 11:00-12:00 
How to make tokens for largesse, specifically geared towards children but all ages welcome. Class includes token making and a walk-about to give tokens to fighters and arts displays.

How to live with your Palla - Countess Dulcia MacPherson - 11:00 - 12:00 
How to deal with all that drapey fabric and be a proper roman.

Ruffled Veil - Mistress Brygyt d'Arcy - 11:00 - 1:00 - 
How to make an elegant ruffled veil

Jewelry Making - HL Calpurnia Fortunata - 11:30 - 12:30
Learn jewelry making skills to fancy up your favorite outfit
*Suitable for older children and teens

Polyclay Viking Brooches - Mistress Catherine Abernathy - 12:00 - 1:00 - 
Going a-viking but can't quite afford those expensive brooches for your gown? Learn to make affordable and gorgeous brooches from poly-clay.

Proper Egyptian Accessories -Lord Amenhotep Sa Amenen 12:00 - 1:00
Being Egyptian is all about proper accessories. Come learn how our ancient ancestors added bling to their appearance.

Hats and you - Lady Beatrix de Tulp - 1:00 - 1:30 - 
a survey and instructional discussion on period head gear

Elizabethan Ladder Stitch - Lady Christine Chaubrier - 2:30 - 3:30 - 
Limited to six participants - a common and beautiful elizabethan stitch to dress up your garb.

Early Roman Empire Accessories - Countess Dulcia MacPherson - 3:00 - 4:00 - 
What sort of accessories would your roman persona have needed? Come find out!

Leather Belt Making - HL Hwyll ap Wynn - 3:00-4:00 - 
Learn the basics of making your own leather belt. 

Educational Displays
Available all day from 11-4 in the main hall.

Sewing Accessories presented by Lady Christine Chaubrier
Embroidered pouch presented by Lady Christine Chaubrier
Italian Accessories presented by Baroness Franca Donato
Roman Accessories presented by Countess Dulcia MacPherson
Hats and headcoverings presented by Lady Beatrix de Tulp
Veils and Crispenettes presented by Mistress Maol Mide ingen Meadra
Indian and eastern accessories presented by Mistress Madhavi of Jaiselmer
Girdle Book phone covers to hide the mundanities - Lady Adelina de Brettigny
Late period accessories presented by Lord Brian MacRobert and Mistress Gwenhwyfar
Grooming and Cosmetic Accessories - Lady Gladws