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Baronial Champion competitions will be held in the following categories: Arts and Sciences, Bardic, Brewing, and Yeoman.

The Barony will also be hosting the following activities: Bridesmaid Tournament, Archery, Hero of the Chalice Tournament, Kingdom War Practice, Classes, Youth Combat, Treasure Hunt, Merchanting, and Feast

  • 4pm: Site opens for the populace.
  • 8pm: Traveler's Fare served in Feast Hall
  • 9pm: Vigil for Baroness Tatiana Heineman to the Order of the Pelican at Wolf Pavilion
  • 8am: Reservations opens at Feast Hall
  • 8:30am: Breakfast at Feast Hall
  • 9:30am: Elevation of Baroness Tatiana Heineman to the Order of the Pelican at Wolf Pavilion
  • 9:50am: Rapier inspection begins at Rapier Field
  • 10am: Rapier Tourney #1 at Rapier Field: Brigands by the roadside
  • 11am: Yeoman Tourney
  • 11am: Rapier Tourney #2: Fight for the chalice
  • 11am: Class: Form, Technique and Stance for Heavy Fighting @ Heavy Field by Duchess Zephryine
  • 11:30am: Fundraiser lunch at Heavy Field
  • 12pm: Art/Sci Populace acclaim opens at Feast Hall
  • 12pm: Class: Early Modern English in One Lesson @ Feast Hall by Baroness Arianhwy barwnes
  • 12:30pm: Bridesmaid Tourney at Heavy Field
  • 1pm: Archery field opens at Archery Range (beside Heavy Field)
  • 1pm: Rapier Tourney #3: Swiss Round
  • 1:30pm: Hero of the Chalice Tourney at Heavy Field
  • 2:30pm: Registration closes at Feast Hall
  • 2:30pm: Class Heavy Fighting Technique katas and speed drills @ Heavy Field by Duchess Zephryine
  • 3pm: War practice melees at Heavy Field
  • 3pm: Rapier melees at Rapier Field
  • 3:30pm: Baronial Bardic Championship at Heavy Field, Baronial Pavilion
  • 5pm: Court Business
  • 5:30pm: Royal and Baronial Court at Feast Hall
  • 5:45pm: Art/Sci Populace acclaim closes at Feast Hall
  • 7pm: Feast at Feast Hall
  • 8:30pm: Winter Revel at Feast Hall, Hall Porch and Bardic Fire Circle
  • 9pm: Class: Intro to Playing in a Hafla @ Feast Hall By Sir Gocauco Ramiric
  • 12pm: Site closes. Please be respectful and offsite before noon so that event staff can finish cleaning.