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Martial Activities

  • 11am: Form, Technique and Stance for Heavy Fighting @ Heavy Field by Duchess Zephryine
  • 2:30pm: Heavy Fighting Technique katas and speed drills @ Heavy Field by Duchess Zephryine

Rapier Activities:

(10:00 am) Tournament 1: Brigands by the roadside

Summary: Each contestant chooses either to fight 1, 2 or 3 single sword fighters at a time.  Each ‘kill’ is worth 1 point.  If the fighter dies, no points are received.  3 rounds, with the highest point retainer winning.    

Execution: at the beginning of each round, all fighters pull a token from a bag.  There will be a token to demark brigand 1, 2, 3, and alt, as well as ‘blank’ tokens.  Each contestant is allowed their choice of weapons.  Each brigand will use only single rapier. The contestant chooses whether to fight 1, 2, or 3 brigands.  If less than 3 are chosen, the 3 tokens are drawn from randomly to determine who the contestant shall fight against.  The lowest numbered brigand starts on the field against the contestant, with each additional brigand entering the field after 5 seconds.  A leg shot to the brigand will ground them.  The round ends under the following conditions:  1) the contestant is killed, or 2) the brigands are all dead or unable to engage the contestant (this can be read that if the contestant legs all her opponents in such a manner as to no longer be engaged, the fight is over).  The alt fighter takes the place of a numbered brigand during those fights in which they become a contestant.  

(11:00 am) Tournament 2: Fight for the chalice

Summary: The groups fight to obtain glasses laid out on a table.  The fight is over once all the glasses are taken.  

Execution: This is a group tourney, to be fought with pairs or more, dividing the fighters into even groups.  There are 9 cups (labeled 1-9) on a table or raised area that will be in the center or off to one side of the lyst field.  Each group will start on opposite sides of the lyst field.  Unlimited resurrections apply.  Glasses may be transported only with a free hand (one per hand).  Primary weapons or secondaries must be discarded off of the field, or appropriately  stowed as to not present a hazard.  While transporting a glass, fighters may run, BUT must turn to engage any opponent within 10 feet who shout “Thief!” (Opponents can only shout “Thief” if within 10 feet of an opponent carrying a vessel).  If a fighter is killed while transporting, they must bend down and place the cup on the ground before returning to rez.  Cups may not be taken from rez points and are considered safe once the bearer exits the field.  Exiting the field with both feet counts as a rez, and fighters must be allowed to place both feet onto the lyst field before being attacked.  

Once all 9 cups are transported from the field, a die will be rolled to determine which cup was the “chalice.”  On the roll of a 10 (0) the chalice is in another castle.  Each cup removed is worth 1 point, with the chalice being worth 3.  High total wins the round.  

If enough time permits, this will be run round robin.  If the designated time period lapses, the round will be finished (each group will have equal attempts).  Point totals over all rounds determine the winner.

(Groups will be chosen in the attempt to create even sides.  A potential way would be to have fighters line up in order of Rapier precedence, then counting off (1, 2, 3, 3, 2, 1, etc.)

(1:00) Tournament 3: Swiss 4 tourney

Summary: Each group of up to 4 will fight in straight up field battle simulations.  Each member of the group must fight in a different style.  

Execution:  Simple 4 man (or less) tourney, with the added caveat that each fighter must fight with a different style: single, sword and dagger, defensive secondary, or brace.  Best of three, Round Robin style, with most wins determining victor.

(3:00) Rapier Melee practice