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There are 65 feast spots available.

To the Great and Noble Baron and Baroness of Wyvernwoode, 

It is with sad news that I must announce, that through our voyage to come back to these great lands of ours, and subsequently to the new gathering halls, the feasting cauldron has sustained a crack and there is not enough time to mend the cracks before we must celebrate our Yule Feast. Though while we were out viking I learned of magnificent ways took cook our meats through fire without using a cauldron, and amends were made to our feast. 

The feasting shall begin with a stew of our choicest cattle, and roots and a fine new treat we found during our time away from home, chestnuts. Beyond this, as our harvest was bountiful, there will be a great showing of breads to sop up the juices of the stew. 

After that our fishing vessels have brought in many shrimps and fresh salmon from the seas, but knowing there are those among us whom are not interested in eating that which came from the seas we will also be serving roasted goat on a bed of spinaches and leeks kissed by the fire as well. 

Following that we shall have chickens seasoned and glazed with honey and served with turnips sliced kissed by the fire and served with goat cheese and dried currants. 

Lastly, there will be glazed fruits from both our fields and afar, as well as an assortment or baked sweet cakes. I do hope that this missive finds you well, and I look forward to cooking in your new halls. 

Drottin Lundvarr Dufgalsson

Traveler's fare will be served on Frday night and will be an offering of breads butter and soups both vegetarian and rabbit. 

Breakfast will be an egg scramble bake, with onions and peppers, as well as oatmeal, turkey sausage and seasonal fruits. 

Mundanely there will be offerings of gluten free products for each course. Any further dietary concerns or questions can be directed to myself at Lundvarrd@gmail.com