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Chalice 2016 Feast

Chalice Feast

Antipasti -

Marinated Vegetables


Salami Rolls

Rosemary Foccacia w/Olive oil


Il Primo -

Succussu1 – cous cous flavored and cooked with a variety of meats (beef, chicken and sausage)

Stuffed Cabbage rolls2 (pork)


Il Secondo -

Faggotini al Ragu (Miser’s Purses)- cheese stuffed crepe bundles served in a white wine and cream reduction

Rosemary Pork Roast


Il Dolci -

Pizza, in the Neapolitan style. 3 dried fruits and nuts compounded into a sweet and savory filling, served in a rosewater flavored pie tart


1 Opera of Bartolomeo Scappi, Book II, recipe 153, with alterations for taste.

2 Scappi, Book II, recipe 198.5, with alterations for taste and cost.

3 Scappi, Book V, recipe 121, with slight alterations for ingredients no longer available.




Fundraiser Lunch


Pita with choice of grilled Chicken or Sausage as well as peppers and/or onions.