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Hero of the Chalice Schedule-

Friday- January 2, 2015

4:00PM- Site Opens-2:00PM Early on for merchants with prior approval

7:00PM- Traveler’s Fare- Kitchen Hall- Bring bowl and utensil

9:00PM- Round Table Party- Gate

Topics- Tips and Tricks for Creating a more Period Presence on a Budget.

               SCA Persona Trends based on popular culture              

12:00AM- Gate Closes

Saturday- January 3, 2015

7:00AM Gate Opens

8:00AM- 9:00AM Breakfast

9:30AM Armor Inspection begins- Chivalric and Rapier


Hero of the Chalice Tournament- List Field

Regional Art/Sci – set up and entry begins Baronial Championship and Youth - Leonard Hall

Archery range opens for inspection and practice shooting

SCA Yard Sale to Benefit Their Excellences Sir Turold and Countess Dulcia to offset medical expenses- Near Merchant area- Runs all day.

Class- Lady Aki- Creating the Japanese kosode and hakama- 1.5- 2hrs- Leonard Hall

Class- M’Lord Seamus- Tablet Weaving on the Inkle Loom 101- Learn to Set Up the Inkle Loom for weaving trims, belts and embellishments. -Library

10:30AM- Rapier Tournaments Begin- List Field

To run consecutively with breaks as needed

#1 A Gentleman's sword and dagger duel

 #2 A down and dirty dagger duel

 #3 A 3 man guard the gold timed Melee

11:00 AM

Bridesmaid Tourney- Immediately following Hero of the Chalice- List Field

Populace Art/SCI judging begins

Archery-  Open range for Practice shooting

Class- Wire Weaving - Lord Lundvarr Dufgalsson. A TRU class for those scholars out there. The class has a size limit of 6, I have been known to open this up though if there is interest enough. Cost of materials is FREE!!!!!! The only things I request you bring are: A) an eagerness to learn, B) hands are nice things to bring for craft work,  C) Glasses if seeing things in detail or up-close tends to be difficult.- Leonard Hall

Class- Lady Veronica’s Embellishment Series- Hand Stitching 101 - Basic stitches for use in period and modern construction. We'll practice the running stitch, double running stitch, whipstitch, blanket stitch, and buttonhole stitch using user-friendly felt and floss to mimic working with wool.- Big Hall

12:00- 1:30PM- Lunch, including fund raiser- Kitchen Hall- Bring Feast gear


Yeoman’s Tournament- Large field

Baronial Art/ SCI Championship judging begins- Leonard Hall

Rapier Tournaments Continue- List field

Turkish Novelty Shoot Begins (3 phase Competition) - Archery Range

Class- Lady Veronica’s  Embellishment Series- Buttons, Beads, and Pearls - Oh my! - A beginner’s guide to hand sewing and basic embellishment. Bring a project or use the supplies provided to make a gift to take home- Big Hall

Class- M’Lord Seamus- Tablet weaving on  the Inkle Loom 102- Learn the basics of weaving trims, belts and embellishments on the inkle loom.


Gate Closes- All site fees must be paid by this time

Pelican Reception- Master Tomas MacCoran- Screen Porch by Rapier Field

WAR PRACTICE- Melees- Large Field, Immediately following Yeoman’s tourney

Baronial Performing Arts Championship- Big Hall

Class- Duchess Islay Elspeth of Glen Meara- The Crusades- The Rumor, The Innuendo and the Facts: learn about the Crusades while on your pilgrimage to the Holy Land.- Leonard Hall

3:00PM- Rapier- Melee Tournament

Class- Veronica's Embellishment Series: Intro to Applique - It's easier than you think! We will go over picking your design, stitching techniques, and potential problems and pitfalls using user-friendly felt and floss to mimic working with wool- Big Hall

4:00PM Nap time

4:30-5:00PM Court Business

5:30PM Court

7:00 PM- Feast

9:00PM Or immediately following feast-

Revelry Leonard Hall –until the last person goes to bed

10:00PM- Outdoors low key time per camp rules- Revelry is allowed but must not be too loud.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

7:00AM Wake up calls

11:00AM- Site closes. Anyone remaining past 11:00 am will be helping with clean up. Thank you.