Hero of the Chalice 

Dec 29th - 31st, 2017
at the Masonic Youth Camp and Park
18050 US-301, Wimauma, FL 33598

Word has reached the taverns and markets of Wyvernwoode of the troubles in the lands to the south. Travelers flying up the north today speak to us of mysterious things abroad and shadows that walk beneath the oak and the cypress.

So it is that Their Excellencies, the Baron and Baroness of Wyvernwoode, have looked upon their southern marches with renewed interest and purpose to bring order to these lands.

Upon the last days of December shall be held the traditional Hero of the Chalice Tournament, which this year be held on the southern marches of our
barony to establish prosperity and right to rule.

The camp has some other ground rules/obstacles that folks should be made aware of. 

  • Discrete wet. No bottles/kegs visible. 
  • Vendor cost is $20 per day. Mom Thunder is coordinating vendors.
  • Folks with service dogs must present a copy of the animal's shot records to the camp for the duration of the stay. 
  • RV campers must go through the camp directly for space in the RV park.
  • Tents can be posted among the cabins and other wooded areas. 
  • The site is dark. Bring your lanterns and flashlights.
  • Site is very wooded. Bring bug spray.
  • Parking is allowed only in designated areas. You may only drive to the cabins to drop off your gear and return to the parking lot. The same goes for the lyst field. No parking there either. 
  • Cabins are not attached to bathrooms. 
  • Extension cords and power adapters may be brought. Each cabin only has a four port  power outlet on the center pole.