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Combat Cooking

Cooking for the battle to come? Like working under pressure? love the thrill of a meal well done? then come try your hand at ...
Combat Cooking!!

Here are the Rules:

1. Authenticity 
Is it period? Is it a combination of known period ingredients? Does it feel period? Is it blatantly modern?

2. Complexity 
How much effort did it take? Is it sliced fruit and cheese? Or did it require several steps of preparation? (A piece of chicken that was cooked, made into a forcemeat, and put into a roast and roasted) judge the ATTEMPT. If it falls short, acknowledge the effort for taking on something daunting.

3. Workmanship 
Does it taste like it should? Does it look nice? Does it smell good? Is the texture correct?  Look at the overall meal.

4. Food safety 
Does the food look safe to eat? Is it freshly done? Does it look like it has sat around for a while? Does it appear that dishes were clean?

5. Cooperation and sportsmanship 
Does the team appear cohesive? Does it appear that everyone participated? Did it seem anyone tried to gain an unfair advantage?

6. Aesthetic value 
The details. The garnish on the plate, a nicely set table, flavors REALLY well developed.

Bottom of the second page, lines for each category and total.

Teams may have no more than 4 people. You MAY have a recorder/secretary, but they are not allowed to contribute to the effort. They may takes notes. Write down recipes and such.

You will need to bring your own recipes, cooking source, serving dishes. As well as the table service. 

You will be given your pantry/larder including spices and herbs. The only outside ingredient you may bring with you is water. Nobody will know what the ingredients are until they are given out. Each team will have the same ingredients. You may choose to use as many or as few as you like.

You will have 6 hours to come up with 4 dishes. Entrants will be judged on creativity, taste, ambiance of the table, as well as methodology. 

The camp kitchen is off limits!You may use the fire pit if you wish to cook on coals, or bring your own above ground fire pit. You may use camp stoves. How you do it is up to you.

Deadline for teams to sign up is December 21, 2012

Please contact:
Banbharun Sibéal inghean Mhurchadha
(mka) Elizabeth Hernandez