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Chivalrous Combat

9:00am            Heavy Weapons Authorizations and Armor Inspection, Lyst Field

10:00am         Champion of Wyvernwoode Heavy Weapons Tournament, Lyst Field
                        The Champion of Wyvernwoode Heavy Weapons Tournament will  be run as a standard  double                      elimination Tourney.  Consorts and letters of entry are not required.

                        Archery Field Opens for Target Practice

11:00am          Baronial Archery Tournament Begins

12:00pm          Bridge Battle and Queen’s Yeoman Competition

1:00pm           Rapier Inspection Begins, Lyst Field

1:30pm            Field Battle (with Combat Archery)

2:00pm          Baronial Rapier Tournament, Lyst Field

                        The Baronial Rapier Tournament will run as a first blood, bear pit tourney. Killing blows will be no points for either opponent. If someone kills any opponent twice, they will eliminated from the lyst.

                             Consorts are preferred, but they are not required.

2:30pm           Resurrection Battle

3:00pm           Pick-ups on Lyst Field