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Event Fee Page

Event fees (Adult)

Day: $12

One Night: $20

Weekend: $38




Children 12 and under are  free. Children 12-17 are half price.


No family charged  more than three adult fares. Non-members add $5.00 to above fees.

Please make note of the Children's policy in effect and will be enforced at this event:

It can be found here 



Check/Money Orders:

Please  make these  payable  to SC - Barony   of  Wyvern­woode


Credit Cards via ACCEPS

A small convenience charge (S 0.30 + 2.60%  of  the total transaction)  will  be  charged

to each  credit  card  for use of ACCEPS for registration.

Here is the link to ACCEPS Acceps registration service

As a reminder please also follow up with the Reservation Steward after you make your reservation.