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Marshal Activities

At Baronial Bash we will find four new champions for Their Exellencies. Competitions will be set and the victor of each of the following categories will be found to be Baronial Champions of Wyvernwoode.


Heavy Combat:

Rapier Combat:

Baroness' Blade - Wyvernwoode:

Counted Blows Tourney: Lyst will be single elimination, however, each match will be a race to five touches. The first to five hits wins the match. Finals will be the same. Lyst bouts up to the finals will be of the style chosen by the fighters, final bouts must use different styles each time until the winner is determined.

Each member will have the opportunity to present themselves before the ladies gallery to explain what they will bring to the Barony as the Baroness' Blade. A well written or performed (or bribed!) presenter will be awarded a favor to mark that they have one additional 'hit' that must be scored on them. A poorly presented one will receive a different favor which indicates that they have one less 'hit' that must be scored on them.

Presentation is optional - a fighter may choose the safe course and keep their five hit-points as normal.

Youth Combat:

Please check back for future updates regarding the format.

The day will also be filled with many other marshal activites look for future updates for other tournaments and skirmish style practices.

Marshall In Charge:
Lord Logan Ó Ech Dubh
MKA Eric Souza

Rapier Marshal:
Lord Edward Barbour
MKA Adam Jacobs

Youth Marshal:

Lord Miyamoto Toramassa
MKA T.S. Moody