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Travelers fare will be Zephs White Chicken Chili and cornbread.


Breakfast will be a sausage egg muffin, pancakes, fruits and of course, coffee!


Lunch: Kitchen is CLOSED! So make sure to pick up your fundraiser lunch!


Dinner ... dun dun dunnnnn. Here we go!

Remove 1

Dried meat, spreadable cheeses, fruits and toasted croutons


Remove 2

Beef stew and fresh rolls


Remove 3

Shredded Pork, yellow rice and peas


Remove 4

Yard bird with honey glazed carrots


Remove 5

Fried apples and rice pudding


Yes, you read that right, 5 removes of a roller coaster of flavors for your tongue to dance on!


(There will be a limited amount of gluten free breads available, message me privately as quantities are limited and please reserve this only if you have a need. Thank you!)

In service to the Dream,

Your friendly neighborhood B-Bash Feast-crats,

Count Joshua du Charmont

And Duchess Zephyrine de la Maige!