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 8:00pm            CLASS:  Voice Heraldry:  Baron Corwyn Moray will teach how to project your voice and to come up with eloquent announcements!  Learn from one of the best!

9:00pm             CLASS:  Seljuk 101 A basic overview of the history of the Seljuk people and what they wore to help broaden populace understanding of this event’s theme:  Seljuk, 13th Century, at the time of the Sultanate of Rûm

10:00pm           CLASS:  Intro to Running Reservation:  What do we do with all of those NCR forms?  What is the process of opening and closing an event?  How do you keep track of everyone and everything?  Here’s a ½ hour introduction to how and why Reservations operates.                           




10:30am          CLASS:  Blacksmithing begins in Courtyard: Baron Heinrich von Holtzpritzer, OL 


                       CLASS:  Tablet Weaving Part 1: How to Warp the Loom for Tablet weaving - Get started warping your loom for double-face tablet weaving. Bring a tablet or good sized inkle loom, tablets, two colors of thread and shuttle. Some tablet weaving experience helpful but not required.  Additional help after class available to compete the warping before Part 2.  Limited to 10 people  (contact Seamus with questions about supplies BEFORE the class)


11:00am         CLASS:  Western European Holy Relics in the Middle Ages: HL Dmitri Skomorochov will explain the significance of Christian relics in western European society, what people believed about them, where they came from, and how they moved from place to place.


1:00pm           CLASS:   Wire Weaving: Lundvarr Dufgalsson will teach how to create various forms of wire jewelry:  Fibulas, wire rose rings, and Viking wire weave. 

2:00pm           CLASS:  Tablet Weaving Part 2: How to Read and Follow Custom Patterns – you will learn to weave a dolphin pattern and blank sheets will be provided for anything you want to try later.  You will need an inkle loom, two colors of yarn (light and dark), and at least 15 tablets.  Tablets can be provided by Seamus upon request.  Part 1 is not a requisite for this class, and is limited to 10 people.  (contact Seamus at  with questions about supplies BEFORE the class)


3:00 pm           CLASS: Decorative Chainmail: Lady Anakhet Badawiyya will demonstrate different types of chainmaile patterns and techniques.  Open to ages 12+


4:00pm           CLASS: Persona Development: Returning to our shores for a visit is Lalita Dasa!  This 1 hour class focuses on your persona as person and the creation of “headspace” to enhance your SCA experience. 

4:00pm            CLASS: Intro to the Evolution of Firearms in Europe  - Join Lord Johann as he illustrates the development of Firearms in Europe up to the end of the 16th century.  He will be showing 4 different firearms that fall within SCA period  and hold a question and answer session following the demonstration.  Safe handling and courtesy will also be discussed for those who wish to carry period firearms at events.    Not to be missed!