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Baronial Bash Menu – tentative due to market availability

***Those with specific Food Allergies are encouraged to speak with the Feast Steward, Baroness Melisande Aubrey d’Anjou, called Gryfn, MelisandeAubrey@hotmail.com, or 813-505-8041***

Friday pm:  Travelers’ Feast – pasta bar with breads

Saturday Breakfast Available between 7:30 am and 9:00 am

Breakfast Breads (pumpkin, date, cranberry-orange, cinnamon swirl, and blueberry) with cream cheese and/or butter <VEGETARIAN>, coffee and/or teas, various juices, eggs or a frittata <VEGETARIAN> and bacon <Gluten free>

Lunch Available between 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm:

                Chickpea salad with feta, celery, cracked pepper, and olive oil <VEGETARIAN><Gluten Free>; “Persian” Chicken Salad served in pita (chicken, celery, grapes, onion, olive-oil based mayonnaise) <Gluten Free without the pita>

FEAST Starting at 7 pm or 7:30 pending Completion of Court:

I.                     Focaccia/Pita/Naan/Flatbrod, a selection of meze to include herbed Olive Oil with Parmesan cheese, hummus, crudités, cacik and/or tzatziki <VEGETARIAN> <Gluten Free without the breads>

II.                   Either hot soup – Spicy pumpkin, squash & carrot <VEGETARIAN> – or cold soup – Middle Eastern Yogurt & Cucumber <VEGETARIAN> <Gluten Free>

III.                 Either hot Mushrooms cooked in wine, or cold marinated mushrooms <VEGETARIAN> <Gluten Free>, b’stila/bisteeya/borek (chicken pie with spinach)           (Spinach pie will be available for Vegetarians upon request)

IV.                Eggplant “cooked in the Indian Fashion” or marinated eggplant <VEGETARIAN> <Gluten Free>, Turkish Lamb Kebobs with Cilantro yogurt <Gluten Free>

V.                  Cooked Spinach <VEGETARIAN> <Gluten Free>, Chicken cooked with lemons and garlic <Gluten Free>

VI.                Afelia (pork stew from Cypress) <Gluten Free>

VII.              A Selection of Bread Puddings with Sauces <VEGETARIAN>,  Persian “Rose Cloud” (a rose-water scented vanilla pudding with nutmeg) <Vegetarian> and/or Moroccan Rice Pudding <Vegetarian>


Sunday am Breakfast to be available from 7:30am until 9:30am