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Schedule 2011 - SUBJECT TO CHANGE




2:00pm              Site Opens for Merchants


4:00pm              Site Opens for Populace


9:00pm              Newcomer’s Class

                        Revelry and Song in Courtyard and Main Hall


11:00pm            Gate closes for the evening





7:00am              Gate opens for Populace


7:30am              Wake-up and announcements


8:00-9:00am      Breakfast and coffee, Feast Hall


9:00am             Art/Sci Competition Begins, Main Hall

                        Heavy Weapons Authorizations, Lyst Field

                        Merchant’s Row Opens

                        Welcome to the SCA  - Newcomer's Class

                        How to judge an A&S Competition Class

                        Blacksmithing Classes


10:00am           Heavy Weapons Inspection, Lyst Field

                        Archery Field Opens for Target Practice

                        Silent Auction for War Chest (Bidding open untili 4:00pm)  Have items to donate to the cause? 

                        Items can be dropped off at Reservations. 

                        Children’s Activity, Archery (Parent or guardian required onsite and must fill out paperwork for


                        Period Boots and Shoes Class, TBD

                        Trimaris Portrait Project, Screend Room


11:00am           Champion of Wyvernwoode Heavy Weapons Tournament, Lyst Field

                        Baronial Archery Tournament Begins

                        Agincourt – a History class

                        Children’s Activity - Statue Painting - Decorate a mythical magical creature


12:00pm            Lunch served in the Feast Hall


12:30pm            Rapier Inspection Begins, Lyst Field


1:00pm             Melee Relay – Presented by the Sergeants’ of Trimaris, Lakeside

                        Rapier Memorial Tournament Honoring Don Porthos, Lyst Field

                        Children’s Activity – Shield Painting - The children will make their own shields with what

                        represents them


2:00pm              Sign-up for Living Dead Lyst,  Lakeside

                         Children’s Activity – Coronet Making Rumor has it that their excellencies the Baron and

                         Baroness of Wyvernwoode are searching for new Coronets.

                         Come try your hand at making a sample piece for their judgeing.

                         The best pieces will be worn by their excellencies during feast.

                         Japanese Geta Contruction - Workshop

                         Trimaris Portrait Project - Screened Room


2:30pm              Living Dead Lyst Begins, Lakeside

                        Baronial Rapier Tournament, Lyst Field


3:00pm              Gate closes for event

                         Children’s Activity – Castle Building - Participate in a castle building contest

                         Drums in the Deep Workshop


4:00pm              Court Business

                        Silent Auction ENDS (payments accepted until 5:00pm and then from the end of Court until Feast))

                        Children’s free play on swings and playground


5:00pm              Court, Main Hall


7:30pm              Feast


9:30pm              Baronial Bash! hosted by the Trimarian Ambassador’s of Fun, Main Hall





8:00am              Wake-up call and announcements

                        Leftovers and Coffee, Feast Hall


9:00am              Site pack-up and clean-up begins


11:00am            Populace still onsite will be put to work, so Thanks for Staying!

  • Period Cordwaining (shoes & boots) - Duke Duncan Arthur Ross The Black, KSCA

    This all day class will take you through patterning and making your first set of medieval shoes or boots. Both period turn shoe and false welt for modern soling will be taught. This is an extended class for those who want help with the whole creation process. 

    Bring the following supplies (there may be limited quantities on hand as well):

    Wax Thread Stitching Needles
    Stitching Awl
    3+ sq.ft. of Chrome tanned leather 3-6 oz. More for boots. Tandy “upholstery sides are a good start”
    2 sq.ft. 11-12 oz saddle skirting for soles. In a pinch the chrome tanned can be used for turn shoes to learn.
    Cutting tool (scissors or utility blade)
    Measuring Tape

    If you want to make a pattern and do not have a last, you will need:
    Poster Board
    2 socks than you can cut
    Duck tape

  • Japanese Wooden Sandals (Geta) - M'lord Tomas Tegwen

    Please include your name, gender & size (small, medium or large size).
    Please keep in mind this information is for the "kit" to build a pair of geta,
    so if your making them for someone else please send their gender & size.
    For questions regarding size please refer to the chart below.

    For Ladies
    up to size 6 = small
    up to size 8 = medium
    up to size 10 = large

    For Lords
    up to size 8 = small
    up to size 11 = medium
    up to size 13 = large

  • How to be an Art/Sci Judge – Baroness Maol MIde ingen Medra, OL, OP 

            Overview: Students will receive an overview of the Art/Sci competition judging process while an entry is live
            judged and then will students will judge an Art/Sci entry with guidance from the instructor. All levels of interest are
            welcome from experienced judges to those new to the Arts and Sciences in Trimaris. 
            Duration: Depending on entries to be judged class can last between 30 and 90 minutes.
  •  Blacksmithing – Baron Heinrich von Holtzpritzer, OL 
  • Drums in the Deep Workshop - 

          Marian Makedance (mka Maureen Patrick) and Ian MacEoin (John McEwen) of Pooka Traditional Irish Band.
          This workshop provides a quick overview of percussion instruments that are period correct for Medieval/Renaissance
          settings. If you have instruments, bring them.
  • Agincourt 101 – A History Lesson - M'lord Thord of House Dun Tyr, A/P History Teacher - Mitchell High

           The Battle of Agincourt has become part of legend of England and the aura associated with the Crown therein, in no
           small part due to the Elizabethan bard Shakespeare and his epic play Henry V.  The study of history is not as old
           as one would think and in recent years many of our previous beliefs have been brought in to question, and Agincourt is
           one of those pieces that are being reexamined today.  Who were the people involved?  How many were there? 
           Was the Longbowman a major deciding factor?  What were the real world impacts and repercussions from the battle?
           Where lies the motivation for each side, what was to be gained?  Let us journey back and take a fresh look at these
           ideas and examine the information that modern scholars have uncovered as well as connections to other events of
           import like the Black Death, so recently removed from the fields of Europe
  • Newcomer’s 101 – Welcome to the S.C.A.

Interested in teaching a class? Contact the Autocrat at Kelly.fultz@yahoo.com.