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Friday PM

4:00 Site Opens, Registration

6:00-800 Traveler’s Feast, Feast Hall

8:00 pm Light Weapons Rapier inspection

8:30 -10:00 Werewolves vs. Vampires Rapier Torchlight Tournament
                  By Fire Pit located near the lake (bring wood!)


6:30 Wake-up and Announcements

7:00-8:30 Breakfast, Feast Hall

8:30 Heavy Weapons Armor Inspection

9:30 Mongols vs. Eastern Europeans Double Elimination Melee

10:00 Calligraphy Basics, Italian Rotunda Script by Gwenllyan verch Morgan, Feast Hall

10:00 Blacksmithing By Master Henrich, at his location

10:00 Light Weapons Rapier Inspection

10:30 Judicial Duel Rapier Tournament

11:00 Psansky Egg Decorating By Nova the Widow, Feast Hall

11:30 Archery Tournament

12:00-1:00 Lunch-outside the Hall, pick-up Lunch

1:00 Basic Ukrainian Costuming by Aislinn aet Bodanhamme, Feast Hall

1:00-3:00 Ottoman-Hungarian War

2:00 Basic Cheese Making by Tomas mac Piarais, Feast Hall

3:00 Beer making by Mangus, Feast Hall

4:00 Court, Activities Hall

TBA Trick or Treating for the smalls either before or after feast

5:00 feast set-up, Feast Hall

5: 30 Hungarian Feast, Feast Hall

9:00 till Witches Ball, Activities Hall


11:00 off site or Stay and Clean up

Hope you had a Great Time!!!! Happy Halloween!!!!!