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Baronial Bash Fighting Activities

Heavy Weapons Fighting:
All interested parties should send a letter of intent to fight and represent the Barony to their Excellencies Baron Syr Segdae hua Morda and Baroness Madeleine de Somerville at wyvernwoodenobility@gmail.com

Werewolves vs. Vampires Torch Light Tourney.

One kills a vampire with body blow only; one kills a werewolf with a head shot only.

Mongols vs. Eastern European Double Elimination Melee

14th century Golden Horde vs. Eastern Europe (Poland, Russia, Lithuania etc). Fighters should choose whether they will be fighting for the Mongol or European side in this 14th century war. Winner of Melee will be Wyvernwoode’s Baronial Champion. He or she will then choose to be Vlad the Impaler or Janos of Hungary. Second place will be the opposing person. The winner will lead the afternoon war practice battle of the Ottoman-Hungarian Wars: Siege of Belgrade in 1456.

Light Weapons Tournament: 1400’s Judicial Duel
Defend your honor or ladies honor against the charge of witchcraft.

Archery Tournament:
Slay all the Medieval Folk Lore Monsters
25 pts for witch
35 points for werewolf
40 points for ghosts
50 points vampire