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Event Steward(s):

SCA name: Mistress Maol ingen Medra, OL, OP

Mundane:   Kristen Gilpin

Phone: 813-785-6636

Email: melessee@gmail.com

SCA name: Lord Brian Robertson

Mundane:   Brian Walton

Phone: 727-348-3094

Email: bibphile@gmail.com

Head Cook:

SCA name: Sir Severin Visconti di Milano, KSCA

Mundane: Daryle Pompeo

Phone: 813-205-7383

Email: angry.idol@gmail.com

SCA name: Lady Tatyana

Mundane: Tatyana Gomez  


SCA name: Lady Elinor Giles

Mundane: Michelle Joy

Phone: 703-989-4875

Email: michelle.joy@gmail.com

Address: 35542 Welby Court Zephyrhills, FL 33541

SCA name: Honorable Lady Caitriona inghean Fionnguala

Mundane: Jayne Gibeault


SCA name: Duke Lorcann An Dubghaill

Mundane:   Troy Tallent

Rapier Marshall

SCA name: Honorable Lord James Highgate

Mundane: Jake Tessler

Site Herald:

SCA name: Duke Yoan Moon Yang, KSCA

Mundane:   Rickey Feyes


SCA name: Mistress Thallasia Hellenis

Mundane:   Amanda Fessenden

Class Coordinator:

SCA name: Mistress Mellangel Merch Marriot

Mundane:   Melisa Taylor