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Martinmas Moot 2009 Historical Info

posted Jan 6, 2010, 8:07 AM by Kristen Gilpin   [ updated Jan 8, 2010, 5:45 AM ]

Martinmas Moot was brought to you by the Barony of Wyvernwoode and House Ech Dubh. The Crown Lyst to determine the heirs for their current Majesties, Anridire Toirdhealbhach Cait Dubh & Slaine Inghean Fiachrach Fionn, was held at Camp Ocala (8801 NFS 535, Altoona, FL 32702) on November 13-15 2009.  This event was the first event Trimaris has used the ACCEPS system (Ansteorran Credit Card Event Payment System). The new Heirs to the Trimarian Throne are Duke Thorstenn the WrongHand & Duchess Zephyrine de la Maige. There was a celebration of the Life of Baron Alexander Gallowglass in the An Crosaire camp on Friday night and a Kingdom Party on Saturday night. In addition to the standard activities that happen at every Kingdom event (meetings) there was a heavy weapons lyst and a light weapons lyst.  There were also vigils for Baron Simon Maurus' elevation to the Order of the Pelican and Honorable Lady Finneadan inghean Ruadhain's elevation to the order of the Laurel.  The Barony held a Sheep Hunt all day Saturday. There was a Lunch Fundraiser for Iron Chef Trimaris of meat pies on the lyst field. Lady Dearbhorgaill nic Ruairc an Brefne played her prize and there were thirteen classes to attend.  Both elevations took place at Saturday evening court. In addition, Baroness Quintana and HL Grainne were announced for the Order of the Pelican and HL Ari was announced for Knighthood. 
Attendance: 563
Event Steward: THL Grainne ni Aileen O'Cearbhaillle
Reservation Steward: Lady Bryna of Kildare
Feast Steward: Baron Jonush of Wyvernwoode
Merchant Liaison: Condessa Carmenetta
Cabin Space: Baroness Katherine Angelique
Marshal: Duke Thorstenn
Herald: Lady Ysabeau
Gate: The Crewe of the Sea Griffon and The Weasels
Revel Master: Estavon de la Vega
Website: Lord Garis

Tourney winners
Crown Lyst: Duke Thorstenn the WrongHand & Duchess Zephyrine de la Maige
Heavy Weapons lyst: Duke Gunnar
Royalty Present
TRM Tearloch and Sloan
TRH Thorstenn and Zephyrine

Event Fees
Day Trip $12.00
One Night $17.00
Weekend $25.00
Non-Member Fee $6.00
Feast $10.00
Barony of Wyvernwoode made $1,329.00
Thanks to THL Grainne ni Aileen O'Cearbhaillle , event autocrat & the soon-to-be Pelican, for this report!