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Baronial Bash 2009 Historical Info

posted Jan 11, 2010, 5:14 AM by Kristen Gilpin   [ updated Jan 11, 2010, 6:33 AM ]
Baronial Bash was held at Brandon Rotary Camp on Oct 30-Nov 1st 2009.
Attendance: 106
Feast: 39
Event Steward: Lady Sibéal 
Reservation Steward: Baroness Quintana 
Feast Steward: Lady Arianna
Website: Mistress Maol Mide
Tourney Winners

Heavy Weapons: Sir Fernando Miguel de Valencia de la Rosa

Light Weapons: Brother Ronan

Archery: THL Bennett
TRM Tearloch and Sloan
Their Excellencies Johush and Catherine
Event Fees
Daytrip: $7
1 Night: $18
2 Nights: $35
Non-Members: $3
Feast: $10
Children under 12 Free
Commendations from the Event Steward
  • Lady Isabeau came out on Friday to help with set up, and then Saturday to Herald, and then on Sunday to tear down. I am very grateful for her generous gift of her time.
  • My previous champions/marshalls for their respective areas who ran the competition. Don Matias and Don Jon for Light Lyste, Lord Joacim for Heavy lyst and Master Heinrich for Field Archery.
  • Sir Duncan came in and ran Gate all day Saturday until it closed, as well as serving High Table. He also helped clean up the camp on Sunday morning before returning to Orlando.
  • Baroness Gryffyn, who came in, cooked and served, and then disappeared into the night
  • M’Lord Tomas and m’Lady Ahdi filled in where needed whether at gate or being an extra arm as I am not allowed to lift more than 5 lbs until the doctor says so, and he helped run the games while she put together Her Excellency’s Tea.
  • Her Excellency Quintanna ran reservations, even after learning of a conflict with her planned vacation.
  • THL Arianna and her crew, which included Valen, Gwenhevere Holleran, Moe, Eugenia (formerly Jennifer of Wyvernwoode),Philippe Le Cuisinaire and his Lady, Finnuola, Levilia, and others I am sure, all worked hard and prepared three meals plus Traveler’s Fair Friday night.
  • Lord Roland stepped in last minute to Herald their Excellencies Court, when the site herald need to take her leave because court was postponed an hour.
  • The servers whom I did not catch all of, but included members of the kitchen staff as well as Genevieve.
  • Corwyn and Vincenzo sang during the Feast and the music was great.
  • Their Excellencies Jonush and Catherine for all of their prep-work behind the scenes with tokens and sheep and everything else they did.
  • And lastly, I need to commend my family members who put up with  their wife/mother and pitched in where they could, whether at the feast hall as servers, the gate Friday night, kitchen scull, games referee, escort for young ladies, Grounds clean-up crew or general dogsbody- Gocauo, Gwenhevere and Thorfinn really helped out with this event

In Service To Barony and Kingdom I remain,

Lady Sibéal inghean Mhurchadha