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Magnus Thunderson

About Magnus: 

Magnus is a late 12 century Viking who has traveled extensively though many lands. During that time I experienced many cultures from modern to primitive and found wonderful friends in my travels; however after 24 months to travel from Sweden to Brittan which along the weary we visited the least friendly Romans and then Damascus. After that we traveled far again past Sicily and the Balearic emirate into the sea of my land, but my captain again took a wrong turn and we landed in the land of Ife whose people has the most amazing tans which were much darker than the Sicilian, in fact almost black. After that we went off again and this time we nearly starved until during a storm we crashed on a shore where the crew, at wits end, thus blood eagled the captain leaving us in Saxon England were I became a merchant friend to survive  


Silver member of Kaze Thunder of the Federated Households of Rolling Thunder




Barony constable

Kingdom deputy constable

Gate staff

Gate opener

Kitchen staff and cook

Feast Platter 

Feast Server

Equestrian ground crew

Equestrian jousting judge for state fair event

40 hours of service at gulf war and not even staff

set up and tear down helper

Merchant friend often help set up and tear down as well as pack and unpack

Anything else needs to be done

In general l am a service person

Martial Arts:
Archery crossbow

Contact: magnus_sca@verizon.net

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