Letter of Intent: Honourable Lord Thorkel Stroinekson and Mistress Étaín Echluath

Unto Their Excellences of the great Barony of Wyvernwoode, Sir Gocauo Ramiric and Mistress Sibeal Inghean Mhurchadha, and the Seneschal of Wyvernwoode, Lord Randvaldr;

Do we, The Honorable Lord Thorkel Stroinekson, known as Torquil and Mistress Étaín Echluath send our humble intent to be considered suitable candidates for successors to the Baronial Thrones of the Barony of Wyvernwoode.

    We submit the following information for consideration by The Crown, Your Excellences of Wyvernwoode, The Baronial Seneschal and the Kingdom Seneschal to speak to our qualifications regarding the honor of the opportunity for candidacy.

    THL Torquil has been an active and paid member of the SCA since A.S 32. Torquil has been an authorized fighter since he became a member and is squire to Earl, Sir Stromek. THL Torquil has also given service to his local communities and the Kingdom. He held the position of Senecshal for the Shire of Fiach Ogan for three separate terms, the last ending in 2011. Torquil has done service of all types for both his local groups and the Kingdom both at home and at Gulf Wars including event steward, participating in demos, retainer and guard for the Crowns and Baronial Nobles, preparing feasts, co-organizers of the GW25 Knowne World Party and general behind the scenes service that keeps everything running smoothly.

    Mistress Étaín Echluath has been an active and paid member of the SCA since A.S 37. She has held the office of local Hospitaller for the Shire of Bentonshire, served 2 terms as Kingdom Equestrian Marshal, was the Seneschal for the Barony of Wyvernwoode, and has provided years of service as event stewards and other staff, held staff positions at Gulf Wars including co- coordinator for Trimaris at GW25 Knowne World Party.

    When our local group became inactive, we, THL Torquil and Mistress Étaín declared the Barony of Wyvernwoode as our home group; since then we have found our true home within the Kingdom of Trimaris. At TMT 2012 Mistress Étaín stepped up as the Seneschal to the Barony of Wyvernwoode and THL Torquil was there to give support and pick up the works and deeds of which would only have been noticed if they had been overlooked. It was during this time The Barony of Wyvernwoode and its citizens inspired Torquil and Étaín to strive for greater service to these good gentles.

    During this time THL Torquil and Mistress Etain began what has now become a sort of tradition known as “The Wyvernwoode Shindig”. Offering a communal space for all to enjoy food and camaraderie at both Baronial and Kingdom events, we provide the access to cook food and shared hospitality. This has grown over the years from just a about a dozen people to having over 40 people join the shin dig at Baronial Bash 2016. We also provide a space for resting and refreshment during the day at events for any and all who may enjoy a respite.

     This growing of community has stoked the fires of inspiration to new heights for us. The members of this community and their care for each other, the Kingdom and the Barony as a whole is greater than any other that we have experienced within a community since becoming members of the SCA so many years ago. To have the opportunity to be a candidate with the possibility of being able to offer the epitome of service and support for the arts and sciences, chivalric fighting, rapier, archery and the art of service should it please The Crown and citizens of the Barony would be an honor beyond words.


In Service and with humble regards,

THL Thorkil Stroinekson (Torquil)

Mistress Étaín Echluath