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From the office of the Herald of Wyvernwoode

posted Jul 20, 2010, 11:14 AM by Kristen Gilpin
July 19, 2010
From the office of the Herald of Wyvernwoode
Lady Cassandra Eleanore Forrester

To the populace of Wyvernwoode,
The transitions of offices have gone smoothly. While there were some phonetic errors made during their Excellencies first court, I greatly enjoy the position and am looking forward to being your humble servant over the next few years. Several items of Heraldic business have taken place this month:

Awards given:
Lady Cassandra Eleanor Forrester is the newest Companion of the Wyvern’s Scale, the Companions of the Wyvern’s Claw welcome Lady Sibéal inghanMhurchadha and Lord Gõcauo Diego Ramiriç, and the Companions of the Wyvern’s Heart welcome Lord Gocauo to their Order . The ladies of the Barony recognized Baroness Catherine Russell with the Ring of Chivalry.

Other happenings are that Heather Cutler and I attended Norrie Academy July 17th. It was a huge success. Lots of information and studying to take Heralds tests took place.

On Friday, July 23, Lady Cassandra will host a Herald’s Night for anyone who would like help with designs, names, submissions, etc.

Devices to be submitted this month (so far)–
John Cutler,
Lady Cassandra,
Mi’Lord David

Names to be submitted –
Lady Cassandra Eleanor Forrester

In Service to the Crown, to the Baron & Baroness, and the Barony of Wyvernwoode,
Lady Cassandra Eleanor Forrester