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Fighter Practice Guidelines

posted Oct 18, 2020, 7:43 AM by Webminister Barony of Wyverwoode

What follows are the guidelines set forth for the restart of Martial Practices for the Baronies of Wyvernwoode & Marcaster. These requirements have been implemented with coordination between the Barons, Baronesses, Seneschals, and Knight’s Marshals of Wyvernwoode & Marcaster. They are in compliance with State, County, City, and Kingdom rules. Everyone is expected to participate within their own comfort level.

Trimaris Wave 1 Policy
  • Indoor activities 10 or less.
  • Outdoor Activities 25 or less people.
  • People may choose to participate based upon their own level of comfort and safety.

Expectations for Fighter practices
  • Starting Oct 25th joint Wyvernwoode/Marcaster fighter practice will return to its normal scheduling. While typically we encourage bringing families, due required limits on the number of attendees this should be reconsidered.
  • The MiC will be responsible for maintaining safety measures including, but not limited to, social distancing unless actively in combat, and attendee-size limits. This includes crowd management of walk up onlookers. If onlookers are unable or unwilling to keep their distance, SCA participants will need to move or end the practice.
  • In the event that the Baronial Marshal (Heavy, Rapier, Archery) is unable to run the practice, the Marshal in charge is obligated to locate a substitute and communicate the substitute at least 1 day prior to practice to the Baronial Seneschal. If the MiC is unable to locate a substitute the official practice will be canceled, and any fighting would be considered a private practice unaffiliated with the SCA.
  • Additionally, the normal requirements of checking waivers will apply and will continue to occur as required by the Trimaris Martial rules and Marshal’s Handbook.
  • A roster of all attendees, including name(s) and telephone number(s) will be taken at each practice and reported to the seneschal. This not only provides a measure of contact tracing in the event of someone being infected but also ensures maximum attendees is not exceeded.
  • At this time, it is not advisable to loan/share armor, especially those pieces that would come close to eyes, nose, mouth.
  • Any concerns regarding these expectations can be directed the office of the Seneschal who is happy to discuss.
    our guidelines reinforce the Kingdom policy as presented by the Kingdom Seneschal.