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Baronial Orders Reopened, etc

posted Jan 9, 2010, 6:33 PM by Kristen Gilpin
During a Court of TRM Tearloch and Sloan opened at the feast at Winter Arts and Sciences Faire the Baronial Orders of Wyvernwoode X.H.1 The Order of the Wyvern's Claw, X.J.2 The Order of the Wyvern's Scale and X.J.3 The Order of the Wyvern's Heart have been reopened.
It was clarified unto me as Triskele Herald of Trimaris that Wyvernwoode remains a Barony and that Their Excellencies Jonush and Catherine are still their Excellencies Wyvernwoode. Wyvernwoode remains under a reviewof status by the Board of the SCA and HRM Tearloch will still be in attendance at our February meeting of the Barony.
In service,
Maol Mide, Triskele Herald