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Baronial Meeting Minutes 06.01.2010

posted Jun 23, 2010, 6:02 AM by Kristen Gilpin
Baronial Meeting - 06/01/10
Officers Meeting
  • 6:40pm: Meeting begins
  • New Baron & Baroness announced at TMT (Sir Segdae hua Morda and Baroness Madeleine de Somerville)
  • Investiturewill be at Squires Revolt.
  • Azrec (Ray Martinez): Here, taking over as Seneschal (President)
  • Art/Sci: Lady Cassandra entered and won Crown's Acclaim and Champion's Arts and Science.
  • Chronicler – Meagan is taking over in August/September.
  • Exchequer (Treasurer) – Gwenhwfyr (Jennifer Kanter) will be taking over.
  • David Borkowski to take over Historian, Cassandra to take over Heralds office and Sibeal to take over Art Sci upon approval of Azrec, Shea, And Madeleine.
  • Marshal- fighter practice still on Sundays working with Marcaster; Sir Hakun from El Paso is in town. Estavon volunteered to be Deputy pending renewal.
  • Herald– no new submissions.
  • Baroness Catherine – new shirts and reservation forms for Coronation.

Baronial Meeting – 7:05

  • Azrec (Ray Martinez) – new Seneschal (President).
  • New Baron and Baroness – Madeleine and Shea, Investiture @ Squire’s Revolt
  • Incoming Landed request the presence of all members of the Baronial Orders to attend the next meeting to hold a polling.
  • Bids needed for Chalice and Bash.
  • Hospitaller – lots of new people – has been contacted by someone in Mexico,
  • light weapons fighter/officer, 2nd person professional photographer
  • horses and willing to ride at gallop etc. for a portfolio.
  • Marshals– discussion making one practice a month a "War Practice".
  • Unofficial Thursdays are still Unofficial. Knights are encouraged to come and help compete with another group. 6pm.
  • Archery – needs an official range marshal. Several alternatives …. Leonid and Callie found 3 alternative sites to beused.
  • June 15th Art Sci Night – Lady Cassandra at Baroness Catherine's house – Zip tie corset.
  • Historian – send me pics.
  • August 28th TAD – Trimarian Archery Demo – event with feast.
  • June 30th – Crock and Sew.
  • Equestrian – corporate insurance – there is an equestrian practice on June 27th @ Lake Park noon