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Baronial Bash Update

posted Oct 28, 2010, 5:29 AM by Wyvernwoode Marshal
Hello Everyone!!
Some activites did not get their details listed on the Website so here are some updates and details.
Feel Free to crosspost.
 For this weekend, If anyone can bring some Firewood , it would be greatly appreciated. !!!!!!!
post if you can
The Torchlight Tournement will be held by the firepit.
The Psyansky Egg class at 11:00am is cancelled.
There will be some trick or treating for the little ones either before or after feast, time to de announced.
There is still Cabin and feast space available, but filling up FAST!!!
The Witches Ball will have 2 contests:
Best Dessert Contest
Entries that display  the theme of the event!!  Halloween, Vampires, Werewolves
Then we eat them!!!
Costume Contest
Anything medievel or modern that reflects the Theme!!
There will be some noshes like Bear Cheese Fondue and Pretzels and some donated libations.Please feel free to add to the party.
We will have music provided by the bard in a box from  the Iron Mountain dance collection. A list of dances will be led and peppered in some other haunting melodies.  
Also some games and additional merriment.
 Bardic Circle at the firepit for those who wish to Sing the Moon down!
Volunteers are always needed and Welcomed!!
Looking forward to having a Drooling Ghoulish Good Time!!
Mistress Oriana Goldenhair